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Ramblas Ramblas (Idiomas)

Anna Thew
b/w & colour Super 8
double/single screen

Ramblas Ramblas (Idiomas)

The Ramblas, Barcelona shot to a zoom in zoom out single frame in camera recipe.

Cut for Reel Love, Super 8 at St George's Crypt, New Oxford Street, London, 1992, with religious live sound mix by Kenny McDonald.

"Behold, a film-maker shall be with Inspiration, and shall bring forth a film, and she shall call it Ramblas Ramblas, which being interpreted is, any way you look at it, a great film".

From Kenny McDonald's unusual mini catalogues.

Re-mastered and stretch printed to 12fps on 16mm 7272 print stock donated by KODAK, 1998, for projection as a single screen, or syncopated double screen film, see Broken Pieces (II).

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