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Sailor Trailer and the Tinkling Laughter of Little Girls

Anna Thew
7 mins colour Super 8
triple screen

Sailor Trailer and the Tinkling Laughter of Little Girls

S8 triptych - little girls laugh as a sailor looms out of the steam by night.

Selected fragments were re-filmed from the 16mm rushes for Hilda was a Goodlooker with the idea of a Super 8 triptych; little girls with big bows laugh as sailor looms out of the steam by night, lights a cigarette and flexes his muscles again and again. Sound track; the tinkling laughter of little girls and piano accompaniment for "Get out of town before it's too late...Why not use your charm on the birds and the bee ee ee ees ?"

The cutting was spontaneous and connective and became the cue to editing the 16mm footage from which it was filmed. Little Girls; Rachel Thew and Charlotte O'Sullivan, Sailor; Juan Lastera, with Anna Thew on camera and piano.

Re-filmed on Super 8 from 16mm for 'Salon of 84', ICA Nash Rooms. Shown as the opening film at the launch of the Leicester Super 8 International Film Festival 1985, Phoenix Arts, Leicester, travelling with the Arts Council Touring Programme "RECENT BRITISH SUPER 8 FILM" curated by Jo Comino and Mike O'Pray.

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