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Terra Vermin

Anna Thew
10 mins colour 16mm
double screen

Terra Vermin

"Mama, Papa, last night I had an ugly dream which sent shivers down my spine..." voice of Citti from Oedipus Rex.

Cine terror wrecked my eyes with images that lurk. The thief with his face against the cold wall murmurs in riddles and weeps for peace as Mario spins. Off loading from when I was glassed after the first public screening of Cling Film in Britain, scars, tattoos, broken glass and blood red crosses in Franko's flat translate into bad bad dreams as life/art footage cross cuts with clips of Oedipus Rex, Mario Montez, a man with dark hair and stubble crying, bombed cities and negative/positive flashback images of blindness...

"Franko's art works were full of shattered glass, blood red pigment, cuts, scars and hospital paraphernalia. He had exploited these things. He had gorged on this violence; the violence of an attack which I wanted to shut out... the in camera collage cuts to nightmare images that spilled through my mind in the instant that the broken glass hit my eyes... of seeing nothing... through the lens, the murky spectre of Oedipus drifting to rosy out of focus grain, Andrei Rublev, the artists on their knees, blinded in the forest, Shadow Garden, leaves turning black to negative... "

Appearances Franko B, Marcus, Ernst Fischer and clips of Mario Montez, Dresden, the Algerian, Eddie Rex etc., as hardcore techno mixes with voices from the myth movie of all time. Mix A.T.

Also available on video.

Broken Pieces (I) for the Hospital

16 mins, 2000, colour, 16mm, hi-8 and hi-band on umatic

for Franko B's collage show at the Horse Hospital

Mind mix of S8 clips and Hi-8 portraits from Assemblage for Eye Drift, joined with elements taken off the double screen 16mm cine-projection of Terra Vermin at the Riverside Studios... temples, tattoos, train rides, crosses, skyscrapers, S, Franko B, Eddie Rex, Mario, Marcus, Manhattan, Dresden, Gothic script, Palermo, peeling walls etc.

Shown in a programme of "performative film" at Vaudeville 2K, curated by Nigel Linley, Centre of Attention, Wilson's Music Hall, and the Plunge Club, 2000/2001.

Umatic off celluloid off the wall. For the Horse Hospital. AT.

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