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Jaded Vision

Annabel Nicolson
10mins 16mm
2 or 3 screen performance with projected idea and diagram. Live sound.

Jaded Vision

Two screen projection event with film loop, shadow of paper bird and whirled microphone.

'Material from an earlier event in my studio. There as a crack way up high in the glass roof. I filmed it and projected a very long loop which ran all the way from the floor up into the pitched roof. I had a very ancient projector which could swivel up and down so I could aim it at the frosted glass above.'

'The diagram for the original piece became part of the work, the original material, the idea and the shadow all becoming elements that could be used together in different ways.'

'A microphone on a long lead was spun and would pick up feedback. It could create these kind of eerie sounds, very evocative of a seabird. Sometimes I would ask someone from the audience to do it. In later performances a tin whistle with a slit in it was whirled to make a similar effect.' AN.

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