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Reel Time

Annabel Nicolson
Variable Duration<br> Black & White 16mm
A performance with sewing machine and projections.

Reel Time

Performance with sewing machine, projectors, long loop of film and two readers.

'we were sitting in a small room at the i.c.a., hot as a turkish bath, that is what they offer the avant garde film people.

in the middle of the room she sat at a sewing machine, annabel nicolson. onto the wall in front of her, her shadow with the sewing machine was projected, at its side a film with a woman at a sewing machine in silhouette. a huge loop sliding along the floor, along the wall, under the roof and through her sewing machine. she did her job with the needle and holes deflorated the silhouette image in closer and closer succession.

that is how she works, annabel nicolson, dives into an action and fills out its aspects.'

Quote from Helge Krarup (Denmark). London, September 1973.

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