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Altered Tracks

Anne Tallentire
Performance 20 minutes <br />Installation; 4 photographs 100x100m, sound, charcoal drawing and performance

Altered Tracks

Four photographs of maps with place names in Gaelic depicting a small area of Co. Armagh are hung low to the ground on the far wall of the gallery. On the ground in front of the photographs charcoal lines of a scaled up drawing of Tallentire's hand are walked upon. Taking alternate cues from two contrasting sound recordings of readings of her palm the stones depicted in the photographs are placed at intervals along the lines. The residue of the action remains as an installation.

'Altered Tracks suggests that we cannot remain external to and distanced from the constructedness of personal or territorial representations. Between seeing and believing is a terrain of active negotiation and possibility; in Altered Tracks agency and responsibility are both foregrounded in our mappings of this terrain.'

Sabina Sharkey 'Of salt, stone and marrow bone - The work of Anne Tallentire', 1998

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