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Anne Tallentire
Performance video transmitted as live performance via ISDN


Inscribewas a Strike Project (in two parts) made in collaboration with Siraz Ihzar was structured in a cyclic and tripartite way.

As a site of its operation Inscribe employed the infrastructure and superstructure of information technology traditionally engineered for the financial world. Each work undertook a series of performative actions conveyed to audiences via live digital transmission.

For Inscribe 1 a series of actions performed live to camera in a British Telecom Building in London and a sequence of pre-recorded video material were transmitted via ISDN to an audience in the Telecom Eireann Building, Frederick Street Dublin. Through the staging in these unfamiliar locations, usually closed to the general public, Inscribe attempted to perform a space of alienation - both in terms of what occurred in and from the various sites of the city but also in relation to the limitations of the communication technologies employed. Exploring a means whereby the city could become a site for re-negotiating, re-navigation and action it was necessary that the actions involved both the artist and the audience in a mutual act of communication and viewing.

Inscribe 11 took place in an empty office block in the Square Mile, London and The Orchard Gallery Derry, close to the city walls. Using ISDN technology again, a durational action - washing a small section of the gallery wall - was viewed live in Derry and transmitted simultaneously for screening in London. Images of the audience in London watching this action were also transmitted in real-time back to Derry, providing a situation where the audiences in both locations were able to speak to each other and in so doing became integrated into the work and its meaning.

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