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Interruptions III: light unfading and Interruptions IV: the clearing

Anne Tallentire
(a) Performance 4 hours
(b) Performance 7 hours

(a) Installation
(b) Installation


Interruptions III: light unfading and Interruptions IV: the clearing

Collaboration as work-seth/tallentire.

Commissioned by Project Arts Centre, Dublin.Interruptions III: Light Unfading (a) A development of Interruptions using similar materials - 3 metal containers (26x190cm), 5 tons of salt, fax machine, electric fire, water, 2 chairs. However, in this work the action took place behind a steel metal wall 660x240cm - and was viewed through a narrow gap - 14mm. The performance took place over the period of 3:00 to 7:00pm in natural light, the last hour of which occurred in near darkness as the sunlight had faded.

Interruptions IV: the clearing (b) represents a significant development in the work of seth/tallentire. Whilst earlier projects relied upon planned and structured actions the clearing deployed an improvisational and responsive process. These actions involved tearing apart the physical structure of a gallery - the ceiling - that revealed the history of the building whilst the fabric of the space was used as material of the work itself, with two sources of unnatural light - slide projection and lightbulb.

Installation photographs for Interruptions IV: the clearing by Brian Hand

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