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Telling It

Anne Tallentire
18 mins 34 secs (loop) Colour 16mm & video

Telling It

Anne Tallentire's 16mm film shot in real time on a car journey from her home in Camden to Bloomberg SPACE shows the changing sky at dawn.

This rectangle of altering light is occasionally interrupted by the edges of buildings and trees, which give a sense of the changing urban landscape as the move is made from North London to the City. Concentrating on something so vast for this duration of time brings about a change in the subject matter; as the image is unflinching, the openess and undesignated field of vision becomes a single point and the viewer is taken on a journey with just one visual reference, registering gradual change rather than landmarks or signs that mark the way. When we look straight up we negotiate a distance, measure our scale against the immeasurable and come up against that point where space and time cross over and fuse. It is this feeling that is at the centre of the film; knowing that there is a process or journey undertaken but not knowing how to measure it, what scale or depth is or where we are within that bracket of time and space. Tallentire's work involves notions of belonging and dwelling. In her multi-screen film series Drift (2002-2005) she filmed the streets of London catching workers and travellers in the early morning going about their tasks and routines, activities usually unseen and carried out by the invisible. In this newly commissioned work Tallentire turns her gaze to something far more abstract; the piece documents a subtle shift between departure and arrival.

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