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Anthony McCall film/videography

Circulation Figures1972
Miniature in Black and White1972Slide Projection installation
Streaks1972Performance with Slide projection
Slit-scan1972Slide Projection Installation
Landscape for Fire1972Documentation of sculpture performance.
Landscape for White Squares1972
Line Describing a Cone1973
Conical Solid1974
Partial Cone1974
Long Film for Four Projectors1974Continuous Installation
Cone of Variable Volume1974
Four Projected Movements1975
Long Film for Ambient Light1975Installation
Argument1978Collaboration with Andrew Tyndall.
Sigmund Freud's Dora1979Collaboration with Claire Pajaczkowska, Andrew Tyndall, Jane Weinstock.
Doubling Back2003Video Installation
Turning Under2004Video Installation
Turning Round2004Video Installation
Breath (I)2005Video Installation
Breath (II)2005Video installation
Breath (III)2005Video Installation
Tail2005Video Installation
Coupling2005Video Installation
Exchange2005Video Installation
You and I2005Video Installation
You and I, Horizontal (I)2005Video Installation
Between You and I2006Video Installation
You and I, Horizontal (II)2007Video Installation
You and I, Horizontal (III)2007Video Installation
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