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Beautiful Exile

Breda Beban
6/15 mins Colour Sound

Beautiful Exile

'What sleeps in a rock, dreams in a plant, lives in an animal, becomes conscious in a human being' 14th century, anonymous

Beautiful Exile comprises of five portraits of women before, during and after orgasm. Filmed as silent single takes, the portraits are staged as projected on five large screens.

Beautiful Exilewas triggered by the word arrivals, which is Breda Beban's favourite word, Rainer Maria Rilke's Duino Elegies and Robert Bresson who said: "The human face is the most beautiful landscape".

The portraits were filmed by cinematographer Robby Muller in Duino, Italy. Muller is best known for his work with a number of influential directors including Lars von Trier and Wim Wenders.

Individual segments looped vary from 6 to 15 minutes

Photography: Robby Muller
Cast: Breda Beban, Dubravka Cherubini, Cressida Lewis, Kati Lopez, Irena Rodic
Filmed on location in Duino, Italy
Minimum screen size: 300 x 400cm each screen
Commissioned by: Peer, Bloomberg and Henry Moore Foundation

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