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May 98

Breda Beban
10 mins Colour and B&W Sound

May 98

Shot in London 30 years after the events of May 68 and a year after the Labour government came into power. May 98 is about Breda Beban's unfortunate habit of falling down in front of historical buildings representing institutionalised power.

All characters in the film play themselves. In production terms, the film was pre-designed for a one shot, one take strategy

Production: Breda Beban & Illumination Films
Photography: Sven Pepeonik
Editing: Steve Sprung
Sound: Ron Wright
Music: Peter Astor
Cast: Jonathan Romney, Breda Beban, Keith Griffiths, Bojana Zezelj Kovacevic, Peter Astor Shot on locations in London, England
Commissioned by: Illumination Films/BBC2

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