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Walk of Three Chairs

Breda Beban
10 min loop Colour

Walk of Three Chairs

Walk of Three Chairs shows Beban floating on a raft between two banks of the Danube in Belgrade, believed by some to be the point at which the Balkans end and Europe begins.

One bank reveals an industrial landscape whilst the other is populated by trees and wooden dachas. The movie takes its title from a traditional Balkan pagan ritual, one that the artist recalls her grandfather performing after winning at gambling. The precarious yet celebratory act performed by Beban against the shifting backdrop, is for her an expression of 'a complex kind of joy informed by sadness'. This idea of bitter sweet is encapsulated in the love song Beban attempts to sing as she travels:'Who Doesn't Know How to Suffer Doesn't Know How to Love'.

Production & Direction: Breda Beban
Photography: Robby Muller, Editing: Steve Sprung, Sound: Dejan Pejovic, Music: traditional Balkan song 'Who Doesn't Know How To Suffer Doesn't Know How to Love'
Cast: 'Jova' Band, Breda Beban
Filmed on location in Belgrade, Serbia
Commissioned by: Film & Video Umbrella

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