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Catherine Elwes bibliography

Selected Reviews and Catalogue essays on Catherine Elwes

  • 1979 Andrea Hill 'a Shaky Success, Performance at the New Contemporaries' Artscribe Alan Davey 'Degree Shows' Art Monthly
  • 1980 Rose Garrard 'About Time: Catherine Elwes' PS Magazine Christmas issue Sarah Kent 'Pretty Promises, Happy Traps' Time Out October Alexis Hunter 'Feminist Perceptions' Artscribe October 'Catherine Elwes' About Time catalogue, London, ICA
  • 1981 Tamara Krikorian 'Women's Exhibitions: interview with C. Elwes' Aspects 3 'Making Up Glasgow: A Performance by C. Elwes' Performance Magazine June
  • 1983 Colin Gardner 'London Video' Artweek 3 Pete Shelton 'Who is Watching Whom?' Performance Magazine 23 'Kensington Gore' Recent British Video catalogue, British Council
  • 1984 Lisa Steele 'Mythologies and Militarism, just some women trying to change history' Fuse Magazine (Canada) Autumn issue Sean Cubitt 'Video UK
  • l984' City Limits June Nigel Pollitt 'Cross-Currents reviewed' City Limits October Mike O'Pray 'Cross-Currents' Art Monthly 81 Bruno Mersch 'Kensington Gore' Voir des Vidéos catalogue
  • 1985 Mark Wilcox 'Deconstruction' ACGB catalogue Andy Lipman 'Video, State of the Art' Channel 4 publication Film and Video Artists on Tour ACGB catalogue entry Voir Des Vidéo catalogue entry, Brussels Channel 5 catalogue London : LVA/ICA John Davey 'The Gunfighters' Media Education 12
  • 1986 Chris Dunkley 'The Magnetism of Video' Financial Times February Nick Houghton 'Postcard' Independent Media Tara Babel 'Third Generation' Performance Magazine Tracy Brett 'Gunfighters' Independent Media Channel 6 catalogue entry, ICA, London, 'Historical Section' New Contemporaries ICA publication Nick Houghton 'On Play' Performance Magazine
  • 1987 Catherine Lacey 'There is a Myth' Elusive Sign catalogue Rozsika Parker and Griselda Pollock (eds) 'Framing Feminism: Art and the Women's Movement, l970-l985' Pandora Press, London Cherry Smith 'Play' Independent Media Festival, National Review of Live Art catalogue, Riverside Studios, London
  • 1988 International Festival of Film & Video catalogue, Montreal Steven Bode 'Winter' City Limits March Illppo Pohjola 'Winter Break' Independent media 77 Lisa Haskel 'Seasonal Contemplations' Independent Media 78 Mike O'Pray 'With Child' Monthly Film Bulletin London
  • 1989 Steven Bode 'Spring' City Limits March Lisa Haskel 'High Jinks & Trickery' Independent Media Entries on 'Winter/Spring' Electric Eyes catalogue, Film & Video Umbrella Video Positive catalogue, Merseyside Moviola, Liverpool Femmes Cathodiques catalogue, Paris
  • 1990 Louise Ramsay 'On being an Artist and a Mother' interview Issues in Architecture and Design Jeremy Welsh entries on 'Summer/Grown-Up' Trondheim Festival catalogue
  • 1991 Claire Stanley 'The Art of Video' Hullfire JMC 'Wishing Well' Yorkshire Post Nicky Hamlyn 'Turn on, tune in freak out' The Guardian Chris Andrews 'Video Positive '91' Art Monthly
  • 1992 Sean Cubitt Timeshift on Video Culture Routledge, London Adrian Henri 'Video Positive' Kaleidoscope BBC Radio Anna Douglas 'A Cautionary note on Positivity' Women's Art Magazine
  • 1993 Sean Cubitt Videography:Videomedia as Art and Culture Mac Millan, Oxford
  • 1996 John Byrne 'Modernism and Meaning: Reading the Intervention of British video art into the gallery space' in J. Knight (ed) Diverse Practices Luton Press 'Catherine Elwes' Directory of British Film and Video Artists Arts Council of England
  • 1997 Heidi Reitmaier 'What are you looking at, Moi?' Occupational Hazard, Critical Perspectives on Recent British Art Black Dog Publishing, London
  • 1998 Katy Deepwell 'The Liaison Officer' n.paradoxa Vol 2, London
  • 1999 Antonia Payne 'Car Park Greeting' Public Art Journal Sweetie Festival catalogue, Rome
  • 2000 Lisa Steele 'She Beards the PatriarchyÅ» Goes On. Transgression and the early video work of Catherine Elwes' Video Loupe KT Press ISBN 0-9536541-0-9 Jeremy Welsh 'Kensington Gore and The Liaison Officer Two Video (Film) Works by Catherine Elwes' Video Loupe ibid Julia Knight 'Saying Something - a Critical Overview of the Writings of Catherine Elwes' Video Loupe ibid Sally O'Reilly review of Video Loupe, Christmas Art Books Time Out 1582 Bruce Kirkland 'Elwes launches Video Loupe in T.O.' The Toronto Sun March 23 'The Boy Scout Soldier' Concerning Memory catalogue, London Institute Catherine Elwes 'Telling Tales - the irresistible excavation of the Other' Filmwaves Magazine 12 Kay Roberts 'Concerning Memory' Time Out 1575
  • 2001 Sean Cubitt review of Video Loupe Make Magazine 91 Elaine Kowalsky review of Video Loupe n.paradoxa Vol 6 Rachel Thomas 'Read-Only Memory' catalogue, Mead Gallery ISBN 0 902683 53 2 'Art and Feminism' eds Peggy Phelan & Helena Reckitt, Phaidon Press
  • 2002 Sarah Nind 'The Boy Scout Soldier at Tranz-Tech, Gallery 44' Lola 11 (Toronto) Ian Carr-Harris 'Max Dean and Cate Elwes' Contemporary January

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