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The Boy Scout Soldier

Catherine Elwes
Colour Beta SP

The Boy Scout Soldier

Based on the recollections of Roger Hourdin, a French Special Air Service parachutist who fought in WW2. His memories are prompted by a collection of photographs that he took during campaigns across Britanny and Holland in the closing months of the war.

The image of his hands sorting through the photographs appears intermittently in a line of eight identical monitors, mounted on a plinth like a modest memorial to his survival and the death of so many of his companions. The offscreen presence of the artist as questioner provides a subtle counterpoint to his monologue as she prompts and encorages his revelations. There is no moral to these stories, no intent on the part of the artist to condemn the 'enemy,' nor to set the record straight with revelations of allied atrocities. The spectator judges for himself.

Second work in the War Stories series.

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