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Fforest Bay

Chris Welsby
5 min Colour silent 16 mm

Fforest Bay

This film was shot in a small, sheltered bay on the Pembrokeshire coast of Wales.

The bay is bound by cliffs on two sides, has gently sloping fields to the south, and faces north towards the turbulent Irish sea.

The tripod was placed at an angle of 60 degrees to the horizontal plane midway between the two sides of the bay and at the water's edge. The camera panned through 360 degrees, stopping every 45 degrees to take a predetermined number of frames. The shooting speed was one frame per second.

The first half of the film was shot from the high tide line. During the first 360 degree pan one frame was taken in each of the predetermined 45-degree angles. During the second 360-degree pan, two frames were taken at each position. Then three frames were taken, and so on, until a thirty-frame sample was being taken at each position.

During the second half of the film, which was shot from the low tide line, the above structure was reversed. The film rapidly accelerates in pace, the movement of clouds, people and waves are caught up in the insistent rhythm of the filmic structure, only to disappear in an abstract pattern of light and colour at the film's end. CW.

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