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All Kinds of Torture

Cordelia Swann
12 min Colour<br> Tape/Slide

All Kinds of Torture

"Initially AKOT was made up of several pieces made on video and tape-slide linked together by Mozart's 'All Kinds of Torture' from 'Il Seraglio'. The piece which was most successfully screened was the tape-slide version mentioned here which was constructed by doubling up different views of a single painting." - C.S.

"In 'All Kinds of Torture', the rape and pillage depicted in Delacroix's 'Death of Sardanapolis' is turned upon itself through the superimposition of different parts of the painting to achieve simultaneously beautiful and macabre Roscharch ink blot effects. Symmetry and abstraction interact so that new images are seen within images, the operatic soundtrack of Mozart's 'Il Seraglio heightening the sense of drama and baroque excess." - Sotiris Kyriacou

Sound recording Jim Divers

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