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Back East

Cordelia Swann
14 min Colour 16mm/Betacam

Back East

"'Back East' continues a chronicle of childhood begun in OUT WEST and TALL BUILDINGS. It combines images, filmed in the late 90s, of Manhattan (especially the Upper West Side) with spoken memories of a progressively darkened childhood, imbued with threatened violence, in a New York of the 50s and 60s." - C.S.

"Amongst other things, the voiceover describes how Swann would... go and look at what she thought was a bullet hole (an association made from Swann's earlier childhood in the West) in, ostensibly, Joan of Arc's helmet (at the Metropolitan Museum of Art); or conversely how she would be dragged to bed by the hair by her father... All the time, both the images and the voice of the narrator persist in relishing in the delights to be found in Swann's revisited neighbourhood: the colours and lights of the signs and shopfronts, the kitsch in Woolworth's - including a stencil kit of Elizabeth Taylor eyebrows - the bunting in the streets, Madonna statuettes, the gaudily decorated cakes in the diner window." - Sotiris Kyriacou

Narration Suzanne Parke
Camera/Producer/Edit Cordelia Swann/Marek Budzynski
Sound Recording Rick Balian

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