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Out West

Cordelia Swann
15 min Colour 16mm/Betacam

Out West

"For some time I had wanted to go back to the Sierra Nevada mountains, where I had been taken when I was three to recuperate from TB, to see whether it was possible to recreate the vivid visual and not so clear emotional memories of time and place." - C.S.

The dazzling red of the Golden Gate bridge set against a perfect blue sky opens OUT WEST and immediately transports us to the rich imaginary landscape of the artist's early years in America. Cordelia Swann brings together fragmented childhood memories with striking images, to capture a feeling of awe and a sense of timelessness. The silence of the landscape is broken only by a voice, whose reminiscences conjure up the child's clear yet disturbing vision of the world. The iconic value of the American landscape is strong - the minimalism of Ansel Adams, the interiors of Walker Evans, the texture and colour of Georgia O'Keefe and the lyrical freedom of Stan Brakhage are living references in a work which remains personal yet hauntingly powerful.[NFT programme notes- LEA presents Cordelia Swann]

Narration Suzanne Parke
Camera/Producer/Edit Cordelia Swann/Marek Budzynski

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