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Rita's Dream

Cordelia Swann
3 min Colour<br> VHS/Betacam

Rita's Dream

'Rita's Dream' is one of three pieces that have been screened singly or as a three-screen installation, which also contained 'The Olympus Ball' and 'Maracas'.

"...(these) videos are characterised by an altogether different kind of poignancy, injected with a rich dose of kitsch humour. These tiny, jewel-like 'shrines' to Hollywood goddesses celebrate the mise en scene and emotions of the big screen. At the same time, they capture the essence of a feature film's ambience by exploring the poetics of chosen cinematic moments."
Wigmore Fine Art, Press Release, 2001.

"A guitar strumming Rita Hayworth, dressed in a lurid pink frock, bewitches and dupes Tyrone Power's toreador in 'Rita's Dream' as key scenes and images from 'Blood & Sand' are realigned." C. S.

Producer Marek Budzynski

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