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A 24 Minute Retrospective in Two Parts

David Critchley
24 mins/continuous

A 24 Minute Retrospective in Two Parts

A 24 Minute Retrospective in Two Parts placed one cassette recorder in each of the 24 bays of 2B Butler's Wharf.

The piece consisted of inviting an audience at 8pm at which point the first minute loop tape was recorded. After a minute, this tape was switched to play continuously, and the second minute was recorded on tape 2. After the second minute, this was switched to play and the third minute was recorded, and so on up to the 24th minute. The sound was simply that of the ambient noises and conversations of the audience systematically layering up throughout the space-dictated layout of the machines. After 24 minutes, all the tapes were left to run for a further 24 minutes - hence the title.

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