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A Five-minute Retrospective in Four parts

David Critchley
5 mins

A Five-minute Retrospective in Four parts

A Five-minute Retrospective in Four Parts was one of ten artist's pieces in the 2B Butler's Wharf Group show in October 1976.

Using one bay of the warehouse space containing four cassette recorders hung at head height, I addressed the audience about the nature of the piece and my thoughts about it for one minute, recording this on the first loop. This was immediately re-played and a second minute of spoken observations about the now developing piece was recorded on the second loop with the first loop continuing beside it. The same process was applied to minutes three and four, all four cassettes playing the accumulated speech while I talked out the fifth and final minute. I approached the speech in a conversational way, with the structural process unavoidably throwing up distractions, contradictions and clashes of words and meaning. D.C.

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