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Yet Another Triangle

David Critchley
20 mins/repeated Video

Yet Another Triangle

Yet Another Triangle was my first exhibited video installation, and was shown at The Video Show at the Serpentine Gallery in 1975.

Stuart Marshall, Keith Frake and myself recorded it for the first time in a gym in Newcastle upon Tyne. Because the various formats used to record on were incompatible with the equipment available at the Serpentine, the whole piece was re-made with David Hall and Tony Sinden at Maidstone, out on a football field using Sony Rovers, (sounds like the name of a team!).

The piece is very active and puts each performer in an unstable relationship with the others, making for constant competitive movement. Each performer has the instruction, "Keep the other two in shot (frame)". As the angle of the lenses is less than sixty degrees, the instruction can only be carried out successfully by two of the performers at any one time.

Viewers are given a similar problem to the recording performers as Yet Another Triangle is shown on three monitors facing inwards from the points of an equilateral triangle with sides of about five meters long. Only any two monitors can be seen at any one time, so a viewer is forced to turn and move in order follow the action, while being aurally aware of the movement and conversation between the performers.

I see Yet Another Triangle more as a set of instructions to be followed rather than a fixed, finished piece of work. I have made it three more times since the Video Show - at the Slade in 1981 with Peter Anderson and Iain Robertson, again at Brentford School in 1996 with Barbara Kerr and David Milliken, and in 2003 with Caroline Antell and Daniel Mundy. The first three versions no longer exist.. D.C.

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