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60 TV Sets

David Hall

Multi-screen video installation
with Tony Sinden

60 TV Sets

'The installation comprises 60 old TV receivers. Some operate normally, some distort, 'flash', or show a picture only intermittently, others operate sound only..

Mounted on building scaffold around a room they are tuned to various TV channels with the sound volume very high. The atmosphere is one of Media overdose and fruitless activity as TV repair men (in white coats) constantly attend the sets attempting to correct the faults...' DH, 1972

This was the first multi-screen video/TV installation to be seen in a UK gallery, exhibited in A Survey of the Avant-Garde in Britain, Gallery House, Goethe Institute, London in 1972. Later, a larger version, 101 TV Sets, was at The Video Show, Serpentine Gallery, 1975 (see separate entry).

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