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David Hall
10 mins Colour 16mm
with Tony Sinden


'An impending gunfight moves from a conventional confrontation to a confrontation with audience expectation as camera action predominates. A film in which the less you see of what you expect - the more there is exposed'.
DH & TS, Perspectives on British Avant-Garde Film, Hayward Gallery 1977.

'Edge is a Western treated with highly intelligent humour - long passages of time with very little happening are offered for their own sake, but in the guise of a suspense-making convention - a dual is apparently about to take place... the screen edges are used to create bathos, as well as for formal reasons, out of a scene that many would want to take seriously as a pregnant drama.'
Terry Measham, programme notes, David Hall: Works in Film, solo screening, Tate Gallery, 1974.

' relation to today's plethora of gallery artists' mainstream cinema 'deconstructions'...there was a dash of post-modern appropriation, pastiche and deconstruction in [this] film as early as 1972'. DH, 1996.

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