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Vidicon Inscriptions

David Hall
12 mins B & W Video

Vidicon Inscriptions

'Over-lighting exceeds capacity for assimilation in a 1970s video camera and images are burnt into the surface of its 'vidicon' tube. Here a unique property is explored where both the passage of time and trace of that continuum are registered as one...

In this, the original tape, one of three sections records the image of the artist with a camera (via a mirror) panning, by stages, across the screen. Before movement the lens is covered and re-exposed after the change, and each time the image appears inscribed onto the screen. In the interactive installation a camera registers the live passage of time through a translucent polaroid shutter. Periodically the shutter lifts - triggered by participants' movements - and images are fixed and inscribed.' DH, 1974

Tape originally shown at The Video Show, Serpentine Gallery, 1975. Also exhibited as a single screen interactive video installations, in Video Installations, Tate Gallery, London, 1976 (see separate entry).

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