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Vidicon Inscriptions (the Installation)

David Hall

Single camera/monitor interactive video installation

Vidicon Inscriptions (the Installation)

'..Here preserved are the traces of ghostings, perhaps most poignantly in the installation where the mugging of participants is at once improvisationally real and yet caught already in a moment simultaneously of capture and decay. The work is about the materiality of the screen technologies of the day, for sure. It is also, especially in retrospect, an elegy for the passing of time - the time of the gesture as it fades from the screen, the time of technologies that have their moment and pass away..'Sean Cubitt, David Hall, Luxonline, 2005.

'..Images are burnt into the surface of the 'vidicon' tube.. Here a unique property is explored where both the passage of time and trace of that continuum are registered as one. In this interactive installation a camera registers the live passage of time through a translucent polaroid shutter. Periodically the shutter lifts - triggered by participants' movements - and images are 'frozen' and inscribed...' DH 1975

First exhibited in The Video Show, Tate Gallery, London,1976.

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