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Film 18 Paris IV.70 (People and Time-Paris)

David Lamelas
9mins B & W Sound 16 mm

Film 18 Paris IV.70 (People and Time-Paris)

Invited to the exhibition 18 Paris IV.70 (curated by Michel Claura with Seth Siegelaub), David Lamelas produced an eponymous film, shot at several different places in Paris.

He worked with Raul Escari, an Argentinean writer living in Paris; French filmmaker Pierre Grinberg, who was his sound man as well; and Daniel Buren, who was also involved in Time.
Each of the actors decided on a starting point, waited for three minutes and then cut the take by announcing the time again. (Raul Escari: 5:19-5:21PM; Pierre Grinberg; 12:10-12:13PM; Daniel Buren: 4:25-4:28PM)

'I keep a list of media to work in, and each time I have a concept, I go through the list to see which medium is best suited for representing that concept or that idea. Usually I ended up using photography and film. Because I was dealing with the idea of space and time, sometimes sound and documentation, film was really the most practical medium. David Lamelas

David Lamelas - A New Refutation of Time, Kunstverein Munchen, Witte de With Rotterdam, 1997.

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