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Rock Star (Character Appropriation)

David Lamelas

12 Black-and-white photographs.

Rock Star (Character Appropriation)

Playing the role of the rock star, David Lamelas represents himself in an artistic project for the first time, a procedure he regularly pursued in his videos of the late seventies and eighties.

Lamelas creates the impression of a stage with minimal means: guitar, microphone, dark backdrop, the beam of a spotlight. By having himself filmed from below, he suggests the live atmosphere of a huge rock concert. Histrionic gestures and stereotyped poses convey the cliche of a rock star in ecstasy.
As in 'Interview' with Marguerite Duras, a figure is chosen to represent a socio-cultural moment in time as a personified image of the spirit of the times.

'In those days rock n'roll was to the scene in London what Marguerite Duras was to French intellectualism. I went to concerts all the time. It was a way of documenting English culture outside of the art world. I decided to use an element that represented pop culture, and used myself to show the transformation.'DL.

David Lamelas - A New Refutation of Time, Kunstverein Munchen, Witte de With Rotterdam, 1997.

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