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Erika Tan

series of digital lambda lightbox works


Developed in response to the Royal Pavilion (Brighton) collections and Chinoiserie décor, Digiwall is the result of a first time collaboration between artist and curator Erika Tan and photographic artist, Anthony Lam. Both artists have had a long standing connection and interest in both the historical and contemporary relations between 'East' and 'West' and Digiwall allows a return to this focus and exploration by way of digital wallpaper and a reference to the phenomena of Chinoiserie both past and present.

Taking wallpaper design as both the medium and site with which to reconfigure and reconsider 'representation' and its relation to the decorative; Tan and Lam have created a series of 3 unique digital colour works on digital lambda durotans. These pieces reflect a deliberation and engagement with processes of reproduction, imitation, imagination, originality and questioning of ideas concerning authenticity which has dominated much of Tan's work.

Presenting yet an-other multiple view of China, Digiwall duplicates and processes many times over scenes and scapes, reconstructed from elements of Lam's personal collection of photographs (silver gelatin) taken from within trains travelling through the pastoral landscape of China (1994 -95). Mimicking wallpaper design's visual layering pattern technique, Digiwall provides an opportunity to engage with scenes that are real and at the same time unreal, leading nowhere in particular...

The works are an extension to Fabricated, a series of interventions into the museum during Architecture Week 2003

Comissioned by Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

On permanent display in Brighton and Hove Museum and Art Gallery and Arts Council, East, Cambridge. Also on

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