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Erika Tan

intervention into The Royal Pavilion, Brighton


A series of interventions into the museum and a guided tour around the interior.

A series of interventions into the Royal Pavilion, Brighton and a guided tour around it's interior.

For Architecture Week 2003, artists Erika Tan and Anthony Lam collaborated to produce a series of interventions into and responding to the architecture of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. The artists used their personal experience, collected objects, an invented inventory and new works to comment on the oriental excesses of the Pavilion's interior and challenging the Far Eastern fantasy George IV created. Examples of the 'interventions' produced included works in different media, objects, photographic and digital images, sound and text, for example: the dislocated sound of Chinese take away stir-frying in the Great Kitchen, Asian bird song in the Long Gallery and trompe l'oeil lettering on mirrors in the Banqueting Room gallery.

Commissioned by James Green World Art Gallery, Brighton and Hove museum

Shown at Brighton Royal Pavilion, Architecture Week 2003

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