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Erika Tan
8.57 min., looped 5.1 surround sound and optional 2nd video stream DVD single channel
2 channel installation with 5.1 surround sound


Faint and Beacon are both responses to Margate Mementoes, a project exploring Margate's diverse communities and recent migrants; concepts of audience or spectatorship and the nature of collaborative working methods.

The central theme explored in both Beacon and Faint is the experience of 'location and dislocation'- both spatially, spiritually and socially. Beacons are mechanisms for both relaying information and serving as locating points to those that can 'read' the signals. Bereft of the tools to navigation, how do we orientate ourselves towards or in a new context? Faint uses sound and image to engender a physical manifestation of the experience of dislocation itself. The use of surround sound technology at once gives the artist the capacity to both locate us as well as confound us through disorientating our (audible) sense of balance and location. In contrast, Beacon (video) provides a surveillance-type record of the actual event from numerous real locations on the night.

Commissioned by Turner Contemporary, as part of Margate Mementoes, an audience development research project with Judith Stewart, Sonia Boyce and Erika Tan
Shown at Droit House, Turner Contemporary, Margate

Filmed by:
The Students & Staff of Christchurch College B.A Digital Media Dept, Thanet Campus:
Duncan Smithson, Alan Meades, Rebecca Warne, Chris Gunton, Simon Edes, Ulfet Yusuf, Gavin Batchelor, Jo Burt, Eunice Whitaker, Sarah Pradhan, Jo Samual, Greg Stageman, Aaron Stone, Dan Mann, Clare Gordon, Adam Entwistle, Gavin Day, Matt Lynch, Dave Newman, Glen Stoneham, Ben Curran, Chris Smith, Matty Barbor, Fen Holden, Leanne Rolls, Geraldine Aves
Edited by Erika Tan
Sound Engineer and DVD Authoring: Gary Stewart
Coastguard Radio Exercise: Mark Gambrill and Mike Emptage

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