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George Barber's Illegal Film Competition

George Barber
Web intervention supported by FVU

George Barber's Illegal Film Competition

Slipstream was a series of small-scale digital art works commissioned by the Film and Video Umbrella, designed to appear as interventions on participating sites on the internet. The project included works by George Barber, Sonia Boyce, Adam Chodzko, Rory Hamilton, Janice Kerbel, Lucy Kimbell, Erika Tan, Jake Tilson, Thomson & Craighead.

The first of the Slipstream artists' interventions was George Barber's surreptitious addition to the website of the London Film Festival, which ran at various points during the festival fortnight of 3-16 November 2000. Anyone feeling the urge to click on the strange oversize glasses sported by the official LFF poster-boys, was sent through to a series of pages that opened up a trail of spoof quiz questions on the secret history of glasses in film.

Despite the fact that most of the questions were either illogical or absurd, a number of people mailed in to collect their prize.

Images courtesy of Film and Video Umbrella

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