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The Greatest Hits Of Scratch Video - Volume One & Two

George Barber
1984 & 1985
Colour video

The Greatest Hits Of Scratch Video - Volume One & Two

THE GREATEST HITS OF SCRATCH VIDEO achieved much press and festival inclusion.

The tapes featured the reciting of various Hollywood films and news bulletins. Professor Mike O'Pray later declared at The Edinburgh Television Festival in 1996 that the tapes 'were the most widely seen independent video ever..'

The tapes were featured in The Sunday Times, Face, Honey, 19, NME, Melody Maker, Sounds, Time Out, City Limits and Zig Zag. Furthermore, extracts were shown internationally on TV. BBC 1, BBC 2 and BBC Bristol, KQED San Francisco, MTV 1989, 1992, 1995 RAI Italy 1990, Canal Plus, Channel 7 1991, USA Cable Network, 'Nightflight', ORF Austrian TV. Stephen Bode, writing in the Bracknell Video Magazine, dubbed Barber the 'Henry Ford' of independent video. For video art this indeed achieved a phenomenal 'cross-over'.

The work on the tapes influenced many areas - pop videos, tv and commercials and were also screened at numerous art festivals. Scratch is still being screened and remains an often-quoted example in debates about artistic theft copyright infringement and private ownership of cultural icons.

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