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Chair Film

Gill Eatherley
6mins Colour 16mm
2 screen film

Chair Film

The image of the chair, initially a single chair, but then two or three chairs printed through a blue filter, but always with no evident background, is occasionally interrupted by what seem to be drawn lines - arrows connecting or swirling around the chairs.

At one point in the film the photographed chairs themselves disappear and become instead just outline drawings in light prefiguring a technique later taken up by Eatherley in Hand Grenade. At another point the image of the chair in negative is extended vertically down the screen by the slipping image - then, it is moved, appears to hang and dance as an insubstantial ghost - an ectoplasm chair appearing, like those old fake photos, at a seance.

Adapted from 'Gill Eatherley' by Malcolm Le Grice. Sept 2004. To read the full essay go to Gill Eatherley Home Page.

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