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Chair Installation

Gill Eatherley
Variable Colour 16mm
Film installation with chairs, film loops, slides and ultraviolet light

Chair Installation

Chair Installation'..I first did that at Gallery House. I specifically made it for that show.

Four chairs painted with fluorescent white paint in a completely dark space, sitting more or less arbitarily side by side, against a white wall. Up above were projected loops of these chairs, having been filmed in a situation with somebody walking amongst them. A black figure which appears as a shadow, walking cutting out certain parts of the chairs, so it looks like they are being scrubbed out with a rubber as they are being projected. At the same time there is a strobe light flickering on and off in the space and the chairs are lit up with a ultraviolet light. All you see, in effect, are these white chairs floating in space, because you cannot see the floor, with these loops projected up above and a strobe light going on and off. Gill Eatherley in 'Annabel Nicolson on the Co-op, Undercut Magazine.

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