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Pan Film

Gill Eatherley
8mins B/W 16mm
2/3 screen Film.

Pan Film

Pan Film is an extremely simple, short film in two and three screen versions, composed of a number of short, slow pans across a room, past a partially open window that gives only a glimpse of the trees outside.

Its presentation on two or three screens is concerned to develop an experience of basic factors of film's topology - reversal of the lateral axis which changes the direction of the pans, and reversal of the tonal distribution through use of negative and positive copies. The four versions of the original shots made possible by the combination of these topological transformations are then presented in various relationships with each other. This creates a film where negative and positive sequences pan slowly, either in the same direction or counter to each other. A by-product of the work's simplicity is an awareness of the way in which the camera motion, and its effect on space, is altered significantly when present in the comparative format. Malcolm Le Grice, Abstract Film and Beyond, MIT Press 1977, p143.

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