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Desert Storm

Grace Ndiritu

Desert Storm

In today's world, War is as much a media construct as a political one, therefore "Today's news is literally Tommorrow's War."

Desert Storm shows a haunting image, partially the artist writhing on the floor which turns out to be a world map, covered by a simple piece of cloth. The scene is saturated by the soothing music of the Saharan nomads but the result is unsettling. It is unclear whether or not Ndiritu is in pleasure or pain. Thus the work is left open-ended, raising questions about human nature vis-à-vis spirituality, religion, rape, modesty, sexual repression and freedom. Throughout the piece, a scrolling text, listing the names of countries that have undergone political or social conflict, corresponds to the artist's disquieting behaviour, her gender, heritage and grasp of international current affairs.

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