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Guy Sherwin film/videography

Painted Screen1970performance with film projected onto a painted screen
Newsprint1972see also Newsprint #2 (2003), live performance for 2 projectionists, 2 projectors with optical sound.
Sound Shapes1972
Cycles 1 (aka Dot Cycle)1972/77see also Cycles #3 (2003) performance version for 2 projectors and colour filter
At The Academy1974
Interval1974for 2 screens and 2 loudspeakers
Self Portrait19752 screen live performance (document only)
Configuration1975 (2006)performance for 2 projectors, one fixed, one hand-held
Paper Landscape1975 (2009)film performance for transparent screen and white paint
Short Film Series1975-1998ongoing re-groupable set of films, titles include Eye, Bicycle, Metronome, Portrait with Parents, Window, Tracking, Candle & Clock, Barn, Cat, Chimney, Breathing, Maya, Clouds & Wires, Tree Reflection
Riding Ring1976also 1986 version for one 16mm and one super 8 projector
Man With Mirror1976 (2009)film performance with mirrored screen
Musical Stairs1977
Railings1977for vertical format projection (projector on its side). Also 2-screen version (1977)
Soundtrack1977Since 2001 shown in widescreen where possible, using an anamorphic projector lens. Can also be shown as a gallery installation.
Cross Section1977 (2007)2 screen film or installation. New versions were made in 2007. See 'Guy Sherwin - Optical Sound Films' book/dvd published by LUX 2007.
Night Train1979
Salt Water1986
Views From Home1987silent incomplete version (see also 2005)
Mile End Purgatorio1991made with poet Martin Doyle
Under The Freeway1995see also After the Freeway 2006
Filter Beds1998
Animal Studies1998-2003ongoing re-groupable series of films, titles include Coots, Gnats, Cat, Tree & Cloud, Fish & Fly, Water, Starlings & Tree, Web, Tree Reflection, Swans, Leaves & Water, Geese & Reeds, Petals.
Da Capo2000
Three Trees2003gallery installation for 3x16mm projectors and loopers
Cycles #32003 (1972)projector performance for 2x16mm projectors with optical soundtracks
Newsprint #22003 (1972)performance for two 16mm projectors and loudspeakers, two projectionists
Tree Reflection2003 (1998)Installation for one or more projectors and loopers
Wires2004for three 16 mm projectors with stacked, overlapping images; included in The Train Films
Rolling Stock (Wagons)2004for three 16mm projectors
filmasfilm2004installation for 16 mm loop and adapted Steenbeck edit table
bdpq2004installation for two 16 mm film loops and modified Debrie contact printer
Camden Road Station2004 (1973)for three 16 mm projectors
The Train Films2004 (1977)variable selection of films for multiple projectors; see under separate film entries
Views from Home2005 (1987)DV from Super 8; also Views from Home Reviewed, 2006 performance version with Alan Wilkinson
Vowels and Consonants2005-8made with Lynn Loo. Performance for six projectors, optical sound with (optional) musicians.
Mineshaft2006installation for 16mm film loop and optical sound
Hakata2006for 3 projectors
After the Freeway2006a development from Under the Freeway (1995); performance for three projectors and sound; part of the ongoing Freeway Series
Bay Bridge from Embarcadero2006 (2002)for 3x16 mm projectors, or 2x16mm projectors, overlapping; can be shown as a performance or installation.
Clock Screen2007installation for 16 mm projector, film loop, clock and paper screen
Mobius Loops2007loop projector performance for 3x16mm projectors (stacked) or 5x16mm projectors (lateral), optical sound, multiple speakers and colour gels.
Abrasion Loops2007 performance for two projectionists, 2x 16mm projectors and optical sound
Sound Cuts2007-8

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