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Man With Mirror

Guy Sherwin
1976 (2009)
10 mins colour, sound optional. Super 8
film performance with mirrored screen

Man With Mirror

The filmmaker's live interaction with his on-screen image which is projected onto a hand-held mirrored screen.

The screen is white one side and mirrored the other, and is used by the performer to either 'catch' the projected image, or reflect it around the cinema space. The image on film is of the same activity happening in a sunlit landscape. Visual echoes are set up between the live event and the recorded one. This performance can include directional sound aimed at the screen, the movements of which bounce the sound around the space.

The performance can take place outside at night, whereupon those parts of the film not 'caught' by the screen disappear into the dark. G.S.

"Some exquisite works, sadly, will go to the grave with the artist, and cannot be re-enacted by other artists or archivists. For me, one of the more poignant works in this category is Man with Mirror by Guy Sherwin. In this piece the artist, standing in the beam of a Super 8 projector, holds and tilts a square mirror painted white on the reverse. The mirror/screen reflects back into the room, or catches and reveals the Super 8 footage shot in 1976 showing Sherwin tilting an identical mirror/screen outdoors. As the film is projected, the live performer attempts to 'mirror' his own earlier movements, with confounding results. Which is the real Guy Sherwin, which is the projected image? Each time Sherwin attempts to re-enact his own movements from 1976 the passage of time is further marked by his ageing body (...) the work's subsequent enactments have now become a sharply focussed document of transience."

From 'Pre-digital new media art' Lucas Ihlein. For complete article see http://www.realtimearts.netarticle.php?id=7779

Video documentation of a performance of Man with Mirror at Lux Centre 2000(?) is at:

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