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Rolling Stock (Wagons)

Guy Sherwin
8 mins B & W/Colour Silent 16 mm
for three 16mm projectors

Rolling Stock (Wagons)

ROLLING STOCK (WAGONS) 3 screens. silent. 6 mins. Found footage of detached wagons freewheeling through frames in rhythmic configurations, intercut with stencilled leader.

CANON sound. 4 mins. An industrial chimney seen from a passing train, edited in phased repetition.

SOUNDTRACK widescreen format. sound. 5 mins. Railway tracks seen from a speeding train are converted into optical sounds.

CAMDEN ROAD STATION 3 screens. silent. 9 mins. Stationary shot of a station platform repeated across three screens. Trains and people waiting and departing, arriving and repeating.

NIGHT TRAIN 2 overlapping screens, 1 widescreen, 1 standard format. sound. 2 mins.Long exposures of lights seen from a moving train. The lights are transformed into optical sounds.

WIRES 3 screens. silent. 3 mins. The dance of wires against the sky seen from a speeding train. A longer version of this film is in progress.

RALLENTANDO 3 screens (begins with 1 screen). sound. 5 mins. Accelerating and decelerating rhythms taken from a train as it enters a station. Sound is adapted from Honneger's Pacific 231.

Other films in the series, completed or in progress:

DA CAPO 9 mins or 5 mins. sound. Variations on a train with Anna. Several interpretations of a prelude by J.S.Bach accompany a repeated shot taken from a train leaving a station.

PASSAGE 3 mins. sound. Static image of sunlight moving inside a train.

HAKATA 3 screens. 8 mins. silent. Trains repeatedly arrive and leave Hakata Station in south Japan.

MINESHAFT sound. endless loop gallery installation. Found footage taken from inside a truck moving down a mineshaft. (see picture)

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