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Guy Sherwin screenings & exhibitions

1975 Bristol Independent Film Festival. (At the Academy)
1975 LFMC Curator of 5 Evenings of Film (At the Academy, Self Portrait, Paper Performance)
1976 Arte Inglese Oggi 1960-76. (cat.) Palazzo Reale, Milan. (At the Academy)
1976 Festival of Expanded Cinema. I.C.A. (cat.). (Paper Landscape performance)
1978 A Perspective on English Avant-Garde Film (cat.) ACGB and British Council touring exhibition, organised by D.Curtis and D. Dusinberre, London, (Short Film Series)
1978 Avignon Festival. France. (Short Film Series)
1979 Film as Film. Formal Experiment in Film (cat.), touring exhibition. ACGB, London
1980 Paris Biennale
1980 A.L. Rees. Unpacking 7 Films (cat). ACGB touring programme, (Short Film Series)
1980 touring Poland (with John Smith): Art Forum Lodz, PhotoGallery Wroclaw, Dziekanka Gallery Wroclaw. (joint shows)
1983 Studio 200. Tokyo
1984 Tour of North America: Collective of Living Cinema New York, Wright State University Dayton Ohio, Alfred College New York, Buffalo, Funnel Toronto, Cinematheque San Francisco, Film Forum Los Angeles. (solo shows)
1985 Tate Gallery London. The New Pluralism. ACGB. (Messages)
1986 Cinematheque San Francisco, Pacific Film Archives Berkeley (solo shows)
1987 Michael O'Pray. The Elusive Sign. (cat.) Tate Gallery London. (Messages)
1991 Touring Yugoslavia (with Barbara Meter) Ljubliana, MM Centar Zagreb, Osijek, Sarayevo.
1991 BBC 2 Television. The Late Show (Mile End Purgatorio)
1993 Channel 4 Television. Midnight Underground. (Mile End Purgatorio).
1995 Utah Film and Video Centre, Salt Lake City. (joint show)
1997 Tate Gallery. Artists' Film & Video Series. ACE. (Prelude)
1998 Lux Cinema. One-person show. January. Programme notes by G.S. (Short Film Series).
1998 Scratch, L'Entrepot Paris. with Barbara Meter (joint show)
1998 Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow. Slipstream. (Under the Freeway)
1999. Film Poems. Peter Todd. ACE touring programme. (Mile End Purgatorio)
1999 New York Film Festival (Filter Beds)
2000 Whitechapel Gallery Live In Your Head. Concept and Experiment in Britain 1965-75 (cat.) (Cycles 1, Newsprint, At the Academy)
2000 Lux Gallery. DNet. (Man with Mirror)
2000 Chicago Filmmakers (Filter Beds)
2001 Rotterdam International Film Festival. (solo show).
2001 Touring U.S. (with Barbara Meter) Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, Anthology Film Archives S.U.N.Y. at Binghamton, Bard College NY, Hampshire College Mass. (joint shows)
2001 De Balie Amsterdam. Trains of Thought. with Barbara Meter (joint show)
2001 Garden Pieces. Peter Todd. ACE touring programme. (Flight)
2001 Pandaemonium. Lux Cinema. Strange Attachments programme (Cycle and Night Train)
2001 New York Underground Film Festival. (Coots from Animal Studies)
2001 R.C.A. Rolling Stock. curated by Guy Sherwin and Chloe Stewart. (The Train Films - early version)
2001 291 Gallery (Short Film Series, Under the Freeway, Filter Beds)
2002 Shoot Shoot Shoot - the first decade of LFMC and British Avant-Garde Film 1966-76 international touring exhibition organised by Mark Webber. (cat.) (At the Academy, and at Manchester Cornerhouse 2003 Man with Mirror)
2002 Yerba Buena Centre San Francisco, Cinematheque solo show. (Messages, Animal Studies, Flight, Filter Beds)
2002 Image Forum Festival Japan. touring Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Fukuoka (solo shows, incl. Man with Mirror performance in Fukuoka Public Library)
2003 On General Release. Artists and Film in Britain 1968-72. Norwich Gallery and touring. Curated by David Curtis and Lynda Morris (Cycles1)
2003 Arte Television France. Die Nacht. (Portrait with Parents)
2003 LUX Open. R.C.A. London. (Animal Studies, Messages, Three Trees installation)
2003 Visionary Landscapes. LUX event at Cecil Sharp House London. (Paper Landscape performance)
2003 Moving Places. Plymouth Arts Centre. (Tree Reflection installation)
2003/4 A Century of Artists' Film in Britain. Tate Britain. Curated by David Curtis. (At the Academy, Short Film Series, Filter Beds)
2004 Experiments in Moving Image. London.(Interval, Newsprint 2 live projection event)
2004 Chicago Filmmakers (Short Film Series, Animal Studies, Filter Beds)
2004 Artcite Festival, Windsor Ontario. Solo show (Animal Studies, The Train Films live projection event)
2004 Mombai Film Festival India. (Rallentando, Musical Stairs, Short Film Series)
2004 Still. Greek Orthodox Church, south London. (Eye, Tap, from Short Film Series)
2004 Film Poems 4: Messages, curated by Peter Todd. The Other Cinema, London, and touring U.K. (Messages)
2004 Tate Britain. Childhood and Language. LUX programme. (Messages)
2004 Atopia Oslo. Salon of Experimental Film & Video. (Animal Studies, Flight, Under The Freeway)
2004 Tate Britain. Garden Pieces. (Flight)
2004 Substation Singapore. Flicker Orchestrated. (Flight, film performances: Canon, Night Train, Da Capo, Musical Stairs (all with live music by George Chua), Man with Mirror)
2004 Phoenix Halle Dortmund. Expanded Cineam - Film als Spektakel, Ereignis und Performance (film performances: Paper Landscape, Man with Mirror)
2004 London. Film lab launch. (installations: filmasfilm, bdpd)
2004 Camden Arts Centre. Valie Export Exhibiion. Loops & Lines. (multiprojection films: The Train Films:-Rolling Stock (Wagons), Canon, Soundtrack, Camden Road Station, Night Train, Wires)
2005 Tate Britain. Flesh & Fantasy. Daria Martin programme. (film performance: Man with Mirror)
2005 Bullion Theatre, Hackney Empire. Soundtrack, LUX. (film performance: Vowels & Consonants (with Lynn Loo, plus Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann electronics))
2005 291 Gallery London. Home-Made. (Views from Home)
2005 St. Constantine & St Helen Church, London. Schimatizo. (Donkey, Tree Reflection)
2005 EyeDrum Atlanta Georgia. Available Light. (Short Film Series:- Maya, Barn, Tap, Cycle, Cat, Breathing, Tree Reflection, Portrait with Parents, Chimney, Eye)
2005 e-m arts / Foundazione Morra, Naples. Independent Film Show #5. (multiprojection films: Cycles #3, Railings #2)
2005 Cinema Nova Brussels. La Rencontre des Labos (European film workshops) 'Guy Sherwin: Man with Mirror'. (Film performance: Man with Mirror multi-projections: Cycles #3, Vowels & Consonants (with Lynn Loo))
2006 Stary Browar Gallery Poznan, and Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw. British Underground. Guy Sherwin programme. (Musical Stairs, Night Train, Views from Home, Short Film Series. Film Performance: Man with Mirror. Multi-Projection: Cycles #3, Vowels & Consonants (with Lynn Loo))
2006 Lantaren Venster Rotterdam. Rotterdam International Film Festival 'Guy Sherwin - Live Projections'. Starting from Scratch. (Night Train, Views From Home, Soundtrack. Film Performance: Man with Mirror. Multi-Projection: Cycles #3, Vowels & Consonants (with Lynn Loo))
2006 Rotterdam Filmwerkplaats at W.O.R.M. 'Time Structures in Artists' Films'. Guy Sherwin film programme / lecture. (Eye, Cycle, Tree Reflection, Coots, At the Academy. Multi-Projection: Camden Road Station. Film Performance: Newsprint #2 (with Lynn Loo))
2006 Cinema de Balie, Amsterdam. 'Guy Sherwin - Live Projections'. Starting from Scratch. (Night Train, Soundtrack, Views From Home, Film Performance: Man with Mirror, Multi-Projection: Cycles #3, Vowels & Consonants (with Lynn Loo))
2006 Cinema La Clef Paris. Collectif Jeune Cinema. 'Guy Sherwin in Person'. (Short Film Series, Night Train, Views from Home, Animal Studies)
2006 City Art Gallery, Leeds. Evolution Festival. 'ReEnactments: Live projections by Guy Sherwin'. (Film Performance: Paper Landscape, Man with Mirror. Vowels & Consonants (with Lynn Loo + Alan Wilkinson sax), Views From Home Reviewed (with Alan Wilkinson sax), Multi-Projection: Cycles #3, Newsprint #2, Camden Road Station)
2006 SKIF Music Festival St.Petersburg. An Eye Witness. (Views From Home) 2006 Ocularis New York. 'Guy Sherwin - Live Cinema'. (Railings, Under the Freeway, Film Performance: Man with Mirror, Newsprint #2 (with Lynn Loo), Multi-Projection: Cycles #3, Vowels and Consonants (with Lynn Loo), Camden Road Station, Bay Bridge from Embarcadero, Installation: Tree Reflection #2)
2006 Les Voutes Paris. Scratch Projection. 'Seance special Guy Sherwin aux Voutes'. (Sound Shapes, Film Performance: Man with Mirror, Paper Landscape, Newsprint #2 (with Lynn Loo), Vowels & Consonants 2005 (with Lynn Loo + Airelle Besson trumpet), Multi-Projection: At the Academy #2,Cycles #3, The Train Films: Wagons, Canon, Camden Rd Station, Night Train, Wires, Hakata. Installation: Flight #2, Soundtrack #2, Mineshaft 1998 / 2006 (outdoor projection))
2006 Chelsea College of Art & Design. Angles of Projection Symposium (Multi-Projection: After the Freeway)
2006 Kunsthaus Zurich. The Expanded Eye. (Short Film Series x5)
2006 La Sala Rossa, Montreal. Double Negative Collective. (Film Performance: Man with Mirror, Vowels & Consonants (with Lynn Loo + Gordon Allen trumpet) Multi-Projection: Cycles #3, Camden Road Station)
2006 Cinema Parallele, Montreal. (Short Film Series / Animal Studies, Prelude, Messages)
2006 FAMU, Prague. (Films + Performance on Video: Paper Landscape, Man with Mirror, Bay Bridge from Embarcadero, Three Trees, Sound Shapes. Video: Views From Home, Cycles #4, Railings #3)
2006 Skolska 28 Gallery. (Short Film Series, Film Performance: Newsprint #3 (with Lynn Loo), Multi-Projection: Cycles #5 16mm)
2006 Candid Arts Angel London. LUX / Revoir DVD launch Shoot Shoot Shoot (Film Performance: Configuration)
2007 Kingsgate Gallery London. (Comment?#2, installation: Clock Screen)
2007 Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle. Film Bee. (Sound Shapes, Canon, Railings, Film Performance: Vowels & Consonants (with Lynn Loo), Mobius Loops, Multi-Projection: Cycles#3, Wires, Camden Road Station)
2007 Sadlers Wells London, Lilian Bayliss Theatre. Live Screen.(Cat, Canon)
2007 BFI Southbank Mediatheque. (Mile End Purgatorio)
2007 BFI Delegate Centre. 'Hidden History' (Mobius Loops performance - 5 projector version)
2007 Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels. 'LeGrice, Raban, Sherwin - Live Cinema' (two retrospective programmes)

Festivals since 1996:
New York Film Festival, New York Underground Film Festival, Ann Arbor Michigan US, Onion City Chicago, Virginia Film Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival, Rotterdam Film Festival, Impakt Media Arts Festival Utrecht, Osnabruck Media Arts Festival, Hamburg Short Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival, Loose End Trondheim Norway, BBC Short Film Festival London, Pandaemonium London, International Film Festival Split Croatia, Viper Luzern Switzerland, Tampere Finland, Seoul Korea, Artcite Ontario, Mombai India, Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Films in Collections of:
LUX London, Canyon San Francisco, FilmMakers Co-op New York, Light Cone Paris, CFMDC Toronto, Arts Council of England, British Film Institute Archive, British Council, Arnolfini Bristol, Midland Group Nottingham, Arsenal Kino Berlin, National Library of Australia, San Francisco Art Institute, University of Milwaukee U.S.

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