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Views from Home

Guy Sherwin
2005 (1987)
10 mins
DV from Super 8; also Views from Home Reviewed, 2006 performance version with Alan Wilkinson

Views from Home

Filmed from my flat in east London, it shows sunlight passing through rooms in the course of the day, and across buildings seen from the windows. Sometimes I would set the time-lapse camera running and leave the house while the camera recorded light moving through the empty rooms.
The downstairs flat was used for rehearsal by saxophone player Alan Wilkinson. The soundtrack comes from recordings made while walking from room to room as he was playing, mixed with sounds of music from the street.

"Light and shadow in (Sherwin's) East London apartment perform a gloriously elegant jazz ballet as apples and limes wither, puddles dry and tea grows cold".
Caroline Avery. Toronto Images Festival 2006

In Views From Home Reviewed the film Views From Home was re-edited as a live performance.

The soundtrack combines past and present sounds. The film's soundtrack is of Alan Wilkinson improvising saxophone in 1987, while in the live event Alan again plays sax to accompany his former self.
Performed at Evolution Leeds 2006.

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