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Vowels and Consonants

Guy Sherwin
12-15 mins b/w & colour Optical sound 16 mm
made with Lynn Loo. Performance for six projectors, optical sound with (optional) musicians.

Vowels and Consonants

A projection performance event in which all the material, both image and sound, is generated by letterforms.

From an original work 'Vowels' 2005 by Lynn Loo which was expanded to include consonants. Columns of letters were printed from computer onto acetate and then transferred in the darkroom by contact printing onto 16mm film. As the letters spill into the soundtrack area we hear sounds, the warm sounds of 'O' or the edgier sounds of 'E '. These optical sounds may sometimes resemble the uttered sound of the letterforms.

The work has been performed as a live interaction with musicians: Alan Wilkinson saxophone Leeds 2006, Airelle Besson trumpet Les Voutes Paris 2006, Gordon Allan trumpet La Sala Rossa Montreal 2006, Chrisstina Tester & Anthony Megan vocals Intermission Melbourne 2008, PotatoMasta vocals IMA Brisbane 2008, Jeff Henderson vocals New Zealand Film Archive 2008

"Lynn Loo and Guy Sherwin's Vowels and Consonants, sets dozens of monochrome letters in mesmerizing motion across the screen. As they spill onto the floor and ceiling, the characters burn into your retina as if written in the air with a sparkler. Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann's accompanying electronics, field recordings and mixing desk wizardry generate a smouldering undercurrent of micro feedback and turbulent shortwave radio."
Derek Walmsley. The Wire # 259. Review of its first performance at SOUNDTRACK London Bullion Theatre on 16th July 2005.

Video documentation of this first performance can be found at:

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