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Black, White & Green - The Way of Pie

Ian Bourn
7 mins Colour Video

Black, White & Green - The Way of Pie

What do YOU see in pie and mash?
In the setting of a traditional eel and pie house, solitary diners ponder their steaming dinners, each glimpsing a personal landscape within the food on the plate.

In this world of marble tables, etched glass and tiles the humble London dish of pie, mashed potato and green liquor acts as a catalyst forexcursions into memory, fantasy or to places perhaps best forgotten.

Black White & Green is a meditation on the pie and mash aesthetic - anexploration of the terrain and a revelation of what wriggles just below thesurface

BWG is a mixture of live action and computer generated imagery, with realpeople and food shot against blue-screen and composited into an imaginaryrestaurant environment created in a 3D graphics program.The voice over narration is that of the author (Ian Bourn) and the othervoices are of the participating actors, who were responding to images of pieand mash dinners and asked to describe what these images suggested to them.The sound recordings and the overall sound design was devised by soundartist Graeme Miller.

Camera - Patrick Duval

Actors - Ian Bourn, Dave Bourn, John Ellis

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