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Cinematic Architecture For The Pedestrian

Ian Bourn


Cinematic Architecture For The Pedestrian

In 1985 Ian Bourn invited a group of artists to use his house as a venue for projecting film. This collective formed the basis of HOUSEWATCH, under which name they went on to organise collaborative events showcasing the artists' individual works.

Made with the context of the street and locality in mind,Cinematic Architecture For The Pedestrian featured a programme of six film pieces presented as multi-projections, converting the windows and door of the building into back-projection screens so that invited audiences and passers-by could watch from pavement outside.

The following year HOUSEWATCH toured Cinematic Architecture For The Pedestrian by adapting the six original compositions for three further house-venues sited across London.

The HOUSEWATCH group have since embraced a wide range of media, inventing new ways of using situations and environments for exhibiting work, where perceptual issues regarding the relationship between work and audience are explored.

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