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Little Big Horn

Ian Bourn


Little Big Horn


Ian Bourn, Lulu Quinn, George Saxon, Tony Sinden, Stanford Steele and Alison Winckle.

The HOUSEWATCH group use the space beneath the Queen Elizabeth Hall at the South Bank for a mixed-media installation.

Using the context of the South Bank site, Little Big Horn consisted of a collaborative mixed media event focusing on cars and their presence as contemporary cultural icons.

Each artist used film projection, video and sound to transform their choice of cars, literally, into vehicles of expression, generating a rich amalgam of meanings and references.

Like Wounded Knee (1990), the show was continuous, running day and night for five days. Similarly, the audience could move freely through the installation, experiencing and sometimes triggering a mix of sound and visuals from the various vehicles.

(HOUSEWATCH, formed in 1985, is the name of a group of artists who work using light, film, sound and performance to transform ordinary urban locations and situations into new and exciting venues for events.)

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