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Ian Bourn
2003 in progress
30mins Colour Video


Following on from Monolog (1998) and continuing my work with experimentalnarrative and fictional 'diaries', Security will be a work about alienationand isolation, using the metaphor of physical confinement; of ''hiding insidea box''.

In contrast to Monolog's linear journey through the urbanenvironment, Security will navigate circular paths, in the well-worn ruts ofthe workplace and a dead end job. Where escape is only reached through thestasis of further confinement within a self-made 'hidey-hole'.

Security is set in the cluttered aisles and storage spaces of an old Londontrade warehouse. In this claustrophobic environment, we are privy to thesecret world of ''E'', the central character who, in addition to his work asstock manager, has taken on the role of 'human surveillance camera'.

The images in Security will be composed using similar methods as thoseemployed in Black White & Green (2003), where scenes are made up of locationshots into which the actors are keyed via computer compositing.

Actors - Gary Stevens, Ian Bourn

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