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Wounded Knee

Ian Bourn


Wounded Knee


Ian Bourn, Lulu Quinn, George Saxon, Tony Sinden, Stanford Steele and Alison Winckle.

In 1990 HOUSEWATCH returned to their original London venue, 8 Claremont Road E11, to produce Wounded Knee, a self-financed experiment expanding on the HOUSEWATCH concept.

Using two seperate buildings for back projection and two cars positioned in the street as vehicles for front and back projection onto the windscreens, the goup devised an environment which an audience could explore rather than experience as a programmed show. Wounded knee was influential in forming the basis of three very different projects that HOUSEWATCH instigated in 1992. They were Contraflow, Little Big Horn and Paperhouse.

"Strange, I thought I knew this road. All this makes it seem like another planet."
Local resident, Claremont Road (December 1990)

(HOUSEWATCH, formed in 1985, is the name of a group of artists who work using light, film, sound and performance to transform ordinary urban locations and situations into new and exciting venues for events.)

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