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Deep Faith

Ian Breakwell
Installation of continuous duration. Colour
Audio visual installation.

Deep Faith

On a large rectangular wall screen, sited where the main church altar previously was, is projected a 72 minute audio-visual digitally animated DVD which plays repeatedly throughout the evening wiht synchronised sound from stereo speakers.

The intense saturated blue of the projection screen is the only light source in the blacked-out space.

The projection consists of two static images digitally animated. One is a vertical format blue-toned image derived from an actual X-ray of a woman who had swallowed a crucifix; a literal absorption of the physical embodiment of Christ instead of the abstracted sacramental symbol. The other is a similarly blue-toned, horizontal format image of the words Deep Faith in a typeface based on the Book of Common Prayer. The two images dissolve throughout 40 seconds, thus forming for part of each dissolve a cruciform configuration

The accompanying music by Messiaen, plays continuously throughout the projection without repeating. It is performed by Keith Wright on the organ of Durham Cathedral, recorded live in the organ loft.

Shown at the 291 Gallery, Hackney. March 2003.

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